20 Jan 2024, 13:00 – 17:00
Adagio for Things
Adagio for Things: Claus Haxholm opening

Credit: Claus Haxholm & Adagio for Things

Join us when Adagio for Things opens with the first presentation of this year on Saturday 20 January at 4–8pm: the publication and exhibition titled Not Only But Then by Claus Haxholm. Beyond the exhibition, the evening will entail a performance, 3:30pm, by the artist.

Not Only But Then is a handbook by Claus Haxholm that explores the temporal boundaries of body and space. While not focusing on any specific body or room, it offers instructions-like snippets that encourage readers to engage in body movements or manipulations within a given space. These texts can serve as expansions of past, present, or future spatial encounters or initiate a dynamic interaction between various body parts and room-parts

The book presents the idea of the text being a body and the body being a text, as well as the notion that space can take on the characteristics of a body, and vice versa. Ultimately, ‘Not only but then’ prompts readers to experiment with the fusion and interchangeability of bodies, texts, and spaces.

Adagio for Things is an independent publishing-and-exhibiting platform, founded by Wilfred Wagner, to showcase new books-as-artworks through a series of eight exhibitions. Find more info on Adagio for Things’ own online platform here.