21 Sep 2023, 14:00 – 18:00
Adagio for Things: Vibe Overgaard Opening + Screening

Join us when Adagio for Things opens with its second presentation on Thursday 21 September at 5–8pm: the publication and exhibition titled Towers of Dust by Vibe Overgaard.

Beyond the exhibition, the evening will entail a 6pm screening of Overgaard’s film Autonomy in Constructed Space (2021, 35 min.)

Towers of Dust is an image and text based publication about the development and structure of capitalist ideology in the Scandinavian industrial- and welfare city of Aalborg. Moving through the city’s 20th century modernization process, the artist examines the cultural aesthetics of production, machines, concrete panels and urban planning. The text outlines the historical heritage that lays a background for the many contradictions of contemporary welfare capitalism.

Vibe Overgaard is a Danish visual artist working broadly with installation, sculpture, performance, video, archive material and critical writing. Her research-based practice focuses on economies seen from a historical perspective. Often researching industry and production relations of a specific location, her work links local circumstances to greater global-political questions and critiques. She has exhibited work at ISCP (US), Floating Projects (HK), Hotel Maria Kapel (NL), Odenplan Metro (SE) among others. She was an ISCP artist-in-residence in 2022 and 2023.

Adagio for Things is a new, independent publishing-cum-exhibiting platform, founded by Wilfred Wagner, to showcase new books-as-artworks through a series of eight exhibitions. Find more info on Adagio for Things’ own online platform here.