14 Dec 2023, 10:00 – 12:00
Baby Yoga
Yoga og Samtidskunst: Kunst på Barsel special edition

Thursday 14 December 11pm, join us in a community space of parrents and babies created by Kunst på Barsel (art for your maternity leave): This week, Kunst på Barsel and O—Overgaden invites you in to a guided, relaxed yoga session with your baby in the inspiring surroundings of O–Overgaden.

(More information is available in Danish).

Book your spot by emailing You will then receive a confirmation as well as a MobilePay number to pay the price of 50 DKK that goes to the yoga insctruction by Naomi Maria.

After the yoga class, you are very welcome to visit the current exhibitions by Cassie Augusta Jørgensen and Anna Sofie Mathiasen.

Kunst på Barsel

Learn more about Kunst på Barsels on the website HERE.

Naomi Maria

Naomi Maria is an educated Yin and Vinyasa yoga instructor from the Netherlands living in Copenhagen:

”My classes are often gentle with short flows and some long holds to integrate the movements and breath and there is also some room to challenge your body and mind as well. During the yoga classes with babies I like to focus on the parent and create and hold a space for them to tune in to their own breath and body. The class is there to bring the focus a bit back to yourself whilst the babies are comfortably present nearby and can be held, fed or entertained whenever they need to. The class gives the freedom to dive in and out of the flows so you as well as the little one are content and have an hour of connection to yourself, other parents and babies."