16 Jan 2024, 13:00 – 14:00
Book Talk
POST PERFORMANCE FUTURE METHOD/E: Marie De Brugerolle & Cally Spooner

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“Allan Kaprow once said to me ‘drop your book, the history of art is not in the books but in gossip.” 


Please join us on Tuesday 16 January at 2pm for the Copenhagen launch of Marie de Brugerolle’s new book POST PERFORMANCE FUTURE METHOD/E, 2023Marie de Brugerolle will be in conversation with artist Cally Spooner to trace the history, methods, and futures that shaped this contemporary condition of Post Performance Future, an embodied art history which “disturbs” acquired knowledge, language and conventional forms.

Post Performance Future was a pioneering traveling artistic research project (2012 to 2022) led by art historian and curator Marie de Brugerolle. In 2023, published by T&P Work Unit, Monlet (FR), de Brugerolle released her opus catalogue POST PERFORMANCE FUTURE METHOD/E, a 400 page polyphonic book that traces, documents and unfolds 10 years spent with several generations of students and artists whom together explored the concept of ‘post-performance’, and questioned the impact and legacy of performativity on the visual arts including with Andrea Fraser; Agnieszka Kurant, Cally Spooner, Julien Bismuth, Jimmy Robert, and many more. Revealing artists in training and at work, and containing precise work involving the body, the voice, the manipulation of objects and the reading of texts, POST PERFORMANCE FUTURE METHOD/E lands somewhere between being a script, a tool box and an archive. Both a tool and a resource, the book examines the impact of performativity on the visual arts to ask: “ is performance an art without a preconceived ephemeral object and whose traces were stories, fables, rumours, things unwritten?” (MDB). 

Marie de Brugerolle is an art historian, curator,  author and dramaturg. As curator, she worked at the MNAM Pompidou Center (1991-94), Paris, the MoMA (1995), New York, the CNAC-Magasin Grenoble, France (1996). She curated the first retrospectives of Guy de Cointet (2004) John Baldessari (2005) Larry Bell(2011). RIDEAUX/Blinds (2015) questioned the curtain as a paradigm screentimes (IAC Villeurbanne), REVERSE UNIVERSE, with Luigi Serafini (On Land and Sea, with the CodexSeraphinianus) and Than Hussein Clark (A Little Night Music (and Reversals) at CRAC, Sète, France (Fall 2020-Spring 2021). Miles , questions female roles, Villa Arson,Nice, (June 2021-January 2022), Post-Performance Video, Prospective 1: Los Angeles, with Coleman Colins, Nathaniel Mellors, Rodney Mc Millian,Anna Wittenberg, Carré d’art Musée, Nîmes (December 2021-April 2022, cat. Mousse Publishing.)Professor, she taught at ENSBA, Lyon, UPRUM, Prague, Check Republic, UCLA, Los Angeles. Post Performance Future research program (2012-2022) an experimental pedagogy (Post Performance Future: the book issued 2023, by T&P publishing.).Author: Who's That Guy? Guy de Cointet, 2010, JRP Ringier. Event organizer: Le Salon Discret, 2017 ( 40th anniversary of the MNAM-Centre Pompidou), C'BARET'What Not /Speak Easy, LAXART Los Angeles, 2019). Her writings published, Premières critiques, Presses du réel, 2010, Dijon, France. She contributes to : Mousse, Flash Art, Artforum. Author: Who’s That Guy? Guy de Cointet, 2010, JRP Ringier. Polyspherus:  her first anticipation novel, was published by Ishtar, Bruxelles, 2021. Mike Kelley: Troubled Incarnatiion, in  Ghost and Spirit,  retrospective Bourse de commerce, Paris, K21 Düuseldorf, Moderna Museet, Tate Modern, 2023-24,. Dramaturg : She has worked on the restaging of Guy de Cointet’s plays (Tell Me, 2007, Five Sisters, 2012, ESPHAOR LEDET KO ULUNER , 2013-16, Bride Groom, 2017). She works on the Jack Spicer’s performance poems : What Did Spicer Did to US?, 2024, San Francisco.