Closed until 25 May 2024.
O—Overgaden is currently closed while we're installing the upcoming show by Panteha Abareshi. Please join us for the opening on 24 May at 5pm.
O—Overgaden is one of the leading non-profit art institutions in Denmark with an irreverent program of emerging local and international voices in contemporary art, displaying around eight grand-scale exhibitions each year from its position in the heart of Copenhagen.
Exhibition, 24 May – 3 Aug 2024
Exhibition, 7 Jun – 3 Aug 2024
Event, Opening, 24 May 2024, 15:00 – 19:00
Event, Artist Lecture, 26 May 2024, 13:00 – 15:00
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Free admission to all exhibitions, openings and most events, which will be announced roughly a week in advance through the calendar. We’re open Tuesday to Sunday during exhibition periods. Find our hours and contact info here.
Adagio for Things

For one year from fall 2023, publishing-and-exhibiting platform Adagio for Things takes up residency in the O-Rooom to showcase new books-as-artworks through a series of eight exhibitions.


From its central placement in the heart of Copenhagen scenically set at Christianshavns Kanal, O—Overgaden has for more than three decades been among the leading non-profit art institutions in Denmark with an irreverent program displaying both emerging local and international voices of contemporary art.


From summer 2021 through autumn 2023, O—Overgaden hosted the independent, artist-run institution AYE-AYE in the former office of Overgaden’s Director.


O—Overgaden is bringing out occasional in-ear material in relation to our exhibitions.


O—Overgaden’s publication series can be read online or downloaded for free, and print versions can be bought at the gallery.