26 Aug 2023, 13:30 – 15:00
Exhibition Talk & Program Launch
Rasmus Myrup Exhibition Talk + GIBCA Program Launch

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Please join us Saturday 26 August 3.30–5pm for an afternoon at O—Overgaden that highlights the exhibition by Rasmus Myrup, queer sculptor and renegade-naturalist mythmaker, which is created as part of a new collaboration between O—Overgaden (Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen) and GIBCA (the Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art) and functions as a prelude to his grand-scale commission opening 16 September 2023 in Gothenburg.

Known for his long-term investment in building a tongue-in-cheek update of the pan-Nordic Norse pantheon of folkloric folks, Rasmus Myrup connects the Scandinavian harbor cities of Copenhagen and Gothenburg through his mythological diggings.

  • 3.30pm

    GIBCA PROGRAM LAUNCH at O—Overgaden: João Laia, curator of GIBCA’s 2023 edition, presents on the upcoming international exhibition in Gothenburg

  • 4pm

    Join the exhibition talk when artist Rasmus Myrup unfolds his exhibition among the faux rune stones, pine chandelier, thirst trap paintings, and other paraphernalia of his prelude show at O—Overgaden

For this open-for-all celebration, the bar will serve refreshments and Myrup’s recently published first book, The Völva’s Bestiary of Best Friends, will be on sale.

On show this Saturday 11am-6pm is also the new shows (by Anna Rettl, Cally Spooner & collaborators, and Rasmus Myrup).
Admission to O—Overgaden is always free.