29 Jun 2021
New publication series by O—Overgaden
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Tomorrow, Thursday 1 July, Overgaden releases two monographic publications, related to, discussing, and expanding Johanne Rude Lindegaard and Carl Mannov’s exhibitions, respectively. Both are part of our new publication series that is planned to be following our solo exhibitions from 2021 and onwards, an initiative generously supported by Augustinus Fonden.

Both publications are edited by Overgaden’s editor Nanna Friis and created in close collaboration with Overgaden’s new graphic designers from fanfare: Freja Kir and Miquel Hervás Gómez. Beyond the content produced by Overgaden’s team, Johanne Rude Lindegaard’s publication includes an essay by Mai Dengsøe and Carl Mannov’s publication holds contributions by Melanie Kitti and Lars Nordby.

Get your copy at Overgaden (50 DKK) or download (for free) from our website here.